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Date:2019.08.14 Writer:jingqiaojituan
The 4th China (Shanghai) International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition and AI Industry Congress, hosted by the China Hi-Tech Industry Portal, OFweek Wikipedia Network and the China Hi-Tech Association, and hosted by OFweek AI Network, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 9 to August 11.
The exhibition covers an area of 11,500 square meters, gathering representatives of 500 excellent AI enterprises, including Tencent, Inter, Huawei, ThunderSoft, IFLYTEK, DJ-Innovations and Technology, and exhibiting cutting-edge technology and innovative products. It attracts 50,000 professional audiences from the AI industry around the world to exchange and dock.
With such high allocation, how can high-tech exhibitions be less than the ever-leading industry leading brand - TopBridge Group's passionate franchise?
As the main venue contractor of this industry event, TopBridge Group undertakes all the exhibition booths and exhibition site layout in the whole host functional area, as well as site operation management, standard booth construction, standard exhibitor service and audience operation.
TopBridge  Group, an exhibition marketing service provider with 12 years of industry experience, has for a long time completed the design and production of each exhibition stand with high standards and specifications, the contracting and operation management of each main venue, and the planning and execution of each activity.
The 38-meter-long advertisement banner outside the venue has been hung up early. Every visitor can get the information of the exhibition from the most intuitive perspective and witness the high-end event together.
The same is true for this AI conference. As a home contractor, it provides on-site management and services, organizes and coordinates, promotes bridges and links with visitors, and provides the best service and experience for every visitor, guest and exhibitor.

Build a site
TopBridge Group headquarters has 20,000 production factories, more than 350 regular professional workers, serving various exhibitions, providing the best construction services for each exhibition.

TopBridge Group has more than 350 regular professional workers, with their professional, meticulous and dedicated working attitude, to complete the construction and layout with the highest standards and the fastest speed.


Opening Site
On August 9, the grand event finally opened. The registration hall was already crowded with people. It orderly registered, consulted and entered the hall. It patiently solved the problems related to the exhibition for every visitor.



Exhibition Site
There are many participants at the meeting. Visitors exchange and discuss with each other. They feel the difference in the era of artificial intelligence and look forward to the bright future of the era of intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Conference Forum
During the same period of the exhibition, there are many people in the industry to communicate, new era, new wisdom; in the future, our world will eventually be different.

We'll see you again in 2020

TopBridge Group upholds the core value of "customer-centered" and "professional" operation standards. With profound insight and powerful design capabilities, it enables customers to get the most special experience and enjoy the most sincere service.
Now TopBridge is a growing and development. The business is not only the design and construction of exhibition booths, but also can undertake the operation and management of the main venue, the design and construction of exhibition halls, and the planning and operation of public relations activities. In the future, we will see more TopBridge Group people in more places and more sites.

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