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Date:2019.08.14 Writer:jingqiaojituan
AMTS, founded in 2004, has been held to the 15th session. This year, as scheduled, it was held in the New International Expo Center from 7.3 to 7.6.This year's AMTS follows closely the industry development and market demand, focusing more on the future automobile development sector, focusing on intelligent high-tech technology.The exhibition brings together exhibitors from all over the world and attracts many professional audiences.
TopBridge Group, as the world's leading exhibition marketing service provider, is a frequent visitor to the New International Expo Center. From a distance, you can see the 38-meter-long exclusive billboard standing proudly at the entrance of the exhibition hall, which is the only one.
Well, besides the TopBridge and MARTINTECH , what kind of sparks will be erased this time?
MARTINTECH - Leader of Industrial Internet Intelligent Factory Solutions, was presented at AMTS to witness the world's first-class smart assembly solutions for new energy automotive power train.
TopBridge Group, which has a 12-year history of booth design and construction, has joined hands with Martin in professional design and construction, displaying the most distinctive and beautiful booth, and joining hands with MARTINTECH .

Why are all the booths in black grid? Why can the picture be so clear and cool without a backplane? Oh, it used the elements of industrial technology to match it with modern intelligent style to create a unique visual effect of intelligent industrial internet, which attracted the attention of visitors.
The whole booth not only highlights the charm of science and technology, but also corresponds to the theme of the current era. It perfectly displays the strength and theme of the enterprise. Visually, every visitor can know the specialty of the enterprise most directly.Stepping into it, the elements of science and technology are all around, and the wonderful feeling arises spontaneously.
There are more intelligent robots on the scene, scanner interaction, let you immediately fall into it, can germinate cool, the whole event, let you interact with its closest.
Nowadays, science and technology has come to an amazing level; unique design makes the whole exhibition stand full of the power of science and technology.Keep pace with the times, serve wholeheartedly and create the most special and beautiful exhibition stand.Delicate, dazzling and cool can not simply express the excitement before, only experience can understand the beauty of it.
In terms of creativity, the planning of non-scenic bridge is all about; in terms of design, non-scenic bridge design; in terms of construction, non-scenic bridge project is all about; leading quality, professional service.With strength to become a special installation construction service provider for two consecutive import expositions, if you want to have such a cool booth, contact the phone below to get the design plan!

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