As a part of the marketing mix of exhibitors, the exhibition should provide the most direct face-to-face interaction platform for the buyer and the seller. It is a marketing tool for the combination of product marketing mix and dynamic marketing entity of exhibitors. Exhibition marketing is a marketing activity combining point and line, and a platform to show brand and contact customers.

The essence of exhibition marketing is to create an influential brand environment
Actively spread by the audience

-Innovative Enterprise-

TopBridge is an innovative enterprise, always adhere to the customer-oriented, the struggle oriented, focus on Jingqiao business, and achieve a rich life. Every Jingqiao person is an outstanding fighter, steadfast and hard-working, to make life better for himself and his family.


As an entrepreneurial enterprise, if we try our best to make every single tiny thing erll, we will be an amazing team, starting from the cleaning around everyone, extending to finishing our work and life, achieving excellence in the ordinary, bringing enough value to the company and customers.


Sports is more important than going to work struggle,make an effort be strong,fightand never give up ; the Games will strengthen the physical quality and mental outlook of employees, and enhance the team cohesion and cooperation of employees. It is conducive to the promotion of collectivism and the spirit of innovation.


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