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Date:2019.08.13 Writer:jingqiaojituan
I am looking forward to the prospect of the 2nd CIIE . In 2018, the 1st CIIE was held, and the scene was still impressive. It integrated many intelligences such as trade, economy, fashion and communication. It is a driving link for the important development strategy of the "one belt and one Road" strategy, and it is also the focus of attention in the exhibition industry.
Recently, the 2nd CIIE construction service provider evaluation project finally came to an end. TopBridge Group Expo, with 12 years of experience in booth construction, strong design capabilities and excellent execution, successfully entered the 2nd CIIE and enterprise exhibition special installation construction service providers, becoming two consecutive import exposition special installation construction service providers.
In order to better serve the import exposition, TopBridge Group has set up an import exposition service group to serve the import exposition exclusively.At the same time, for other exhibition projects held in exhibition centers around the world, the TopBridge team can quickly provide the best quality services for them.
TopBridge Group headquarters has more than 230 planning, design and project teams, situated in three-storey single-storey buildings, professional services, not only for designers to provide elegant and comfortable office environment, but also for customers to visit, business negotiations to add an elegant.More than 20,000 square meters of exclusive production plant, more than 350 fixed professional workers, full service.
TopBridge Group is a global exhibition and exhibition service provider integrating planning, design, construction and operation management. Headquartered in Shanghai, TopBridge Group has established substantive subsidiaries in Beijing and Guangzhou, and has overseas offices in Hanover, Los Angeles, Dubai, Moscow and Singapore.
TopBridge Group is the qualification unit of China Exhibition Hall Association, the vice president unit of Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association, and the first-class qualification of exhibition engineering.Since its establishment 12 years ago, it has served the world's top 500 enterprises for a long time. It has won many awards of various sizes in the industry, and has excellent reputation and reputation in the industry.
Beijing TopBridge

Guangzhou TopBridge

At the same time, in the first plenary meeting of special installation builders of the 2nd CIIE, which was invited to attend on June 19, TopBridge Group, with its outstanding performance in the 1st CIIE in 2018, stood out among more than 100 construction service providers of the same trade and successfully won the Green Exhibition Platform Award of the 1st CIIE, standing proudly among the only 12 award-winning construction service providers, exhibiting the style of TopBridge.


CIIE 2018

The booth is comfortable and simple.See in the subtle, extraordinary perception.The yellow ribbon in the window has become a famous card point in the whole exhibition hall.
Inter Milan

The booth is built as "Inter in China" and "Blue and Black" is the classic. It's a pleasure to have friends coming from afar.

Award-winning exhibition stand, comfortable color, blue and white matching, yellow ornament; resembles the moon treasure box, quiet and atmospheric, very recognizable.
Merchant Group

Double-deck exhibition, multi-national cultural elements fusion show.

Blue is its unchanged tone. The open pattern conforms to its development strategy. It is simple and generous, comfortable and natural.

White + yellow, open booth, intelligent virtual reality technology, enough space for visitors to communicate and negotiate.

Classic color matching, brand display transparent, quiet as a virgin, is really cool.
Pink stage, lively and dynamic, perfect integration of Chinese and Japanese culture and scientific and technological fashion, will play the brand tonality incisively and vividly.
Chateau d'AX
Creative, elegant and elegant black exhibits, minimalist lifestyle, create a comfortable and comfortable immersion experience with heart
Big Space, Big Brand, is indeed Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Chris Peters'favorite Gillian Guylian undoubtedly
Wooden Architecture, the Blending of Fashion and Ancient Rhyme
Symbolic colour, clean charm, life transformation
White and blue booths, fresh colours, integration of nature and fashion
For more information, please scan the two-dimensional code below or contact TopBridge for the 2nd Import Expo in 2019. We are waiting for you.~~~
With the countdown of 150 days to the Second Import Exposition, the Information Office of Shanghai Municipal Government has launched the city promotional film of the Second Import Exposition, 60 seconds of video, which will bring you into the dynamic Shanghai of the Expo.
At the same time, all members of TopBridge go all out to fight together. Welcome the consultation of the exhibitors of the Import Expo. With excitement and excitement, we look forward to 2019.11.5-11.10 together!
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